Custom Home Design

"It should be exciting to see 
your dream become reality." 
                           -Marla Bruemmer

Marla believes the design of your new home needs to be about you, your tastes, and your lifestyle - not those of the designer.  With a custom design from Design Evolutions, here are some benefits you can count on:

  • Your new home will deliver the right "feel" for you.  Marla is a gifted listener, and this is reflected by the fact that 85-90% of the time, her clients accept the very first sketch that she presents to them!
  • It will fit with the surrounding land.  This includes taking into account the best views and advantages of your particular setting.
  • Your home will come together as a coherent and seamless whole.  Not only will the layout flow well, but it will be done in a way to remove hidden expenses and put your money into what matters to you.
  • You will be able to visualize your home before it is built.  Marla's design software allows her to create a 3D model so you can see what your home will be like.
  • Marla streamlines the process for you. Taking a team approach, Marla encourages her clients to get bids right after her first sketch, and will coach you through this part of the process.  By working with builders early on and overlapping, it speeds the process and makes it easier to adapt.
  • Your home will incorporate green technology.  Marla is familiar with multiple construction techniques and materials.
  • The project as a whole will make good overall sense.  From budget to completion of the building process, Marla can help guide you through the process while making it easy and fun!
  • Your home will be designed to grow and change with you.  Pre-addressing issues helps avoid stress later on, and Marla will help plan for and minimize future expenses.
  • Your custom home will make for easier living.  This is because it will be specifically designed for your personal lifestyle, habits, and hobbies.
Let Marla design a place you love to come home to!  Call 269.372.2250 (Kalamazoo) or 269.639.1617 (South Haven) to start the conversation!